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City of Emeryville Reach Code Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Matt Anderson (City of Emeryville)
Hi Roman,Under the current building code non-residential buildings over 3 stories are not required to designate 'solar zones' in the application and therefore would be exempt under the solar requirements.
Geoffrey Sears
It has been electricity that has caused wildfires in California that have certainly been greater negative impacts to health and climate change than gas has ever been, so the comment that electricity is more resilient is not a given.
Salil Payappilly
Audio really choppy
Salil Payappilly
Will these slides be available after this call?
Nancy Humphrey, City of Emeryville
Yes we'll share the presentations
Farhad Farahmand
UC Carbon Neutral Study: https://www.ucop.edu/sustainability/_files/Carbon Neutral New Building Cost Study FinalReport.pdf
Farhad Farahmand
let me try again: https://www.ucop.edu/sustainability/_files/Carbon%20Neutral%20New%20Building%20Cost%20Study%20FinalReport.pdf
Beckie Menten, EBCE
For consideration: with 41 jurisdictions in California having passed some version of electric preferred reach code, we will see an increase in gas rates as there are fewer mixed fuel buildings on the infrastructure.
Farhad, has PGE commented on the existing infrastructure whether the current grid is capable of additional loading or at some point will there be a need for improvements to accommodate the increased demand?
Farhad Farahmand
Nonresidential cost effectiveness study that includes efficiency measures, optional as a performance approach, exemplified in a office prototype:https://localenergycodes.com/download/74/file_path/fieldList/2019%20NR%20NC%20Cost%20Effectiveness%20Report
Farhad Farahmand
Deep Decarbonization in a High Renewables Future: https://efiling.energy.ca.gov/GetDocument.aspx?tn=223785The report focuses on the High Electrification scenario, which is one of the lower-cost, lower risk climate change mitigation scenarios.
Kevin Perkins
If everyone moves to Nevada to burn natural gas it won’t solve climate change.
Nancy Humphrey, City of Emeryville
Very true, Kevin, which is part of why we need to make sure the proposals make economic and operational sense!